End of Life Care

An overview of how we can support
someone at this time in their life

We understand how important the last months of a person’s life are, and are passionate about supporting people with dignity and respect through our End of Life Care services.

We work with families on End of Life Care Plans including what to expect in those final weeks and provide the nursing care required in your home to help you through this emotional time.


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Our End of Life Care Services

If your loved one has chosen to spend their final weeks at home, we can support them to make this happen. We can help to put an End of Life Care Plan in place that takes into account your loved one’s wishes and provides the support needed to make their time as meaningful and comfortable as possible.

There are likely to be many people involved in your loved one’s care including family, close friends, GP and other healthcare specialists. We can work seamlessly alongside these to make sure your loved one remains comfortable, peaceful and pain free at all times.

The needs and wishes of your loved one will always come first as we care and support not only them, but your whole family too. We understand that this will be an emotional time for your family but hope that by providing support for the day to day tasks and by helping to care for your loved one, we can help to make your final weeks and days together easier.


Paying for care

What is End of Life Care?

As your loved one approaches the final weeks of their life they will receive specialist End of Life Care as part of the Palliative Care they are receiving. End of Life Care typically involves the treatment, care and support for people allowing them to pass away in the most comfortable and peaceful way as possible. It involves managing pain and symptoms as well as supporting emotional and spiritual needs with dignity and respect.

This care no longer has to take place in a hospice or nursing home. In fact, at this stage moving somewhere new can be unsettling and distressing. There is no medical reason that end of life care cannot be delivered in the comfort of your own home, in familiar surroundings with family and friends.