Gold Standards Framework

HFHC Healthcare are in the process of adopting
the Gold Standards Framework, across all areas,
ensuring the care we provide is industry leading

Gold Standards Framework

Gold Standards Framework

At HFHC Healthcare we are passionate about providing the highest level of care and support whilst also driving up standards in the Health and Social Care sector. Currently several of our staff are progressing towards becoming Gold Standards accredited trainers, with support team members also working towards their Gold Standards certifications.

The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is a nationally recognised accreditation which aims to promote the very best standards of care and support across the health and social care sector.

As well as ensuring the very best level of care, The Gold Standards Framework is proactive – training staff to understand and support an individual’s healthcare needs and their preferences and choices. This includes pre-empting and noticing signs which may lead to changes in a person’s needs and support before they become more serious. It is ensuring that the right conversations take place and advanced care plans are created and implemented to support individuals (and their families) throughout their time in care and beyond.

Originally created as a framework for Palliative care, this approach is being adapted by the team at HFHC Healthcare, to ensure everything we do – from complex care and learning disability support to mental health support – embraces the same industry leading standards to make a real difference to the people we support.

What does this mean to me?

Carers & Families

This gives you assurances that both the quality of care provided and the level of support that our staff provide is industry leading and we will ensure that proactive steps are taken throughout a person’s care to create the best outcome for the individual.

HFHC Healthcare Staff

This means the training provided to you will be industry leading, allowing you to focus on providing a higher level of care and support. Our training will enable you to better understand the health needs and preferences of the people you support and help you create advanced care plans with them to enhance their quality of life.

Individuals Needing Support

This means the care we provide will be industry leading, meeting the ‘gold standard’ level of care. This means our carers will be more proactive in meeting your health needs and preferences, be able to better assess your needs, and able to put plans in place in partnership with you to enable you to stay at home, healthy, for as long as possible.