Elderly Care

A guide to Elderly Care and
the services we offer

As we enter the later years of life it may take a little longer to complete day to day tasks and some of the interests you once enjoyed may seem more difficult.

You may find that as time goes by you need a little extra help with things like preparing meals, light housework, bathing and getting in and out of bed. You may need additional support when out and about and accessing shops, libraries or community groups, all of which is perfectly normal.


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Our Elderly Care Services

HFHC Healthcare can be there to help our clients remain independent, keep active and continue to enjoy their hobbies and maybe even discover new interests. A little help and support may be all that they need to continue to live life to the full.

Whether they need a little extra help around the home to undertake day to day tasks, support when outside the home, more specific nursing support, or a combination of all three, our highly skilled carers create the right level of care and support for our clients’ requirements.

We take the time to get to know our clients and their family and match them with a carer who is specifically trained for their needs and fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. As our clients’ needs change, so will we.  We can also provide care and support for additional health needs, such as following a stroke, after a hospital discharge, following an accident, or for those suffering from dementia or any other health condition.

For peace of mind, we are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and directly employ and train all our staff following a rigorous values-based recruitment process.


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What is Elderly Care?

Elderly Care is the support provided to people in their own home to help them remain independent and can range from one or two hours a day to 24 hour care.  It can typically include help with things like getting in and out of bed, continence and personal care, administering medication and light housework.  Out and about, support can be given to access community services, run errands and help with shopping.

Getting the right care can take away the stress that can be associated with maintaining an active lifestyle in later years; someone on hand to remember important dates and appointments, help with medication, getting out and about and someone to offer practical as well as emotional support when needed.

Elderly Care also takes the pressure off family members who previously may have provided this care and support, making a positive impact on the relationship that they have with their family. Having this external support system means that people can concentrate on enjoying an active, independent and fulfilling life and can enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.